Moka Italia

Since 1999 a love story inspired by a good cup of coffee.

MokaItalia is a typical Made in Italy brand, symbol of a high quality coffee.

It is distributed throughout Italy and worldwide in different lines, designed and optimized for the bar, home and office.

For the professional sector MokaItalia produces and distributes a whole range of items for restaurants and catering that have a particular affinity with the same coffee.

MokaItalia is a registered trademark of Gricaf s.r.l., a young and dynamic company that has brought together companies and decades of specialists in the coffee roasting sector.

It is therefore founded on the recovery and protection of traditions, but always attentive to new market trends.

Experience and Innovation

During these years the company management has sought an optimal point to mix experience and innovation, creating modern high quality products.

La Gricaf s.r.l. today it can count on a solid clientele and above all on an ever growing market.

The highly positive responses found in various foreign countries have marked a significant increase in turnover, consolidating the company as one of the most representative companies in the sector.

On the strength of this success, Gricaf is ready to conquer new markets, knowing that it can offer a product of excellent quality, certainly up to the highest qualified competition.

Customer satisfaction remains a priority, which becomes an integral part of the company’s production processes.

Brands, expansion and objectives

In total, the brands owned by Gricaf srl are MokaItalia, Caffè El Salvador and Tuo Caffè.

They are an expression of a vast and varied production, which derives from important goals of quality and industrial efficiency built with the commitment and work of recent years.

A process of gradual expansion in the restaurant business has started for about 6 years, with a network of franchised bars in the streets and squares of the main Italian cities.

The “Gran Caffè MokaItalia Style” are places with a unique and unmistakable style where you can taste a cup of “black gold”, obviously with MokaItalia blends.

The Consumer Market

For the family and office oriented market, the franchise of MokaItalia Shops has been launched for a year, exclusive brand stores where only MokaItalia products are sold.

Modern, welcoming, innovative, in them you can find everything that can tell a coffee story.

From biscuit to coffee to soft drink to coffee, from liqueur to coffee to coffee grappa, from beans to ground all products of the highest quality and rigorously MokaItalia.

By 30/06/2021 the forecast is to open a total of 35 stores in the main Italian and European cities.

Moka Italia c/o Gricaf srl, Z.I. La Bruca, Scalea (CS), Calabria – Italy – P.I. 02266130786 – Phone: +39098542379 Email: